Virtual & In-Person Counselling Services

Supporting diverse individuals and families to achieve an elevated level of wellbeing. 

Please note: All sessions will be conducted remotely for the time being.
Please check back often for updates on a return to in-person sessions. 



Emotional and Psychosocial Issues

Riham works with a range of emotional and psychosocial issues; these include:


  • Stress, anxiety, and depression (moderate to severe depression)

  • Family dynamics and family conflict 

  • Immigration-related stress; support immigrants and refugees in gaining further insight into how to enhance integration and build resilience in a new community.

  • Navigating identity issues, with focus devoted to cultural and racial identity and experienced societal issues pertaining to identity 

  • Parenting, parent-child, and parent-youth relationship building; support in bridging life perspectives 

  • Behavioural issues in children and working with children with Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other psychological issues and diagnoses. 

  • Youth, emerging adults, and young adults’ support in enhancing emotional wellbeing and working with social issues 

  • Enhancing self-esteem, working with bullying and cyberbullying issues 


The list of supported issues is not limited; if you are experiencing a challenge or an issue that is not listed, please do not hesitate to make that first call or contact, Riham will advise if she is the proper candidate to support.

Client Age Groups 

Riham supports all age groups, please find age groups below:

  • Children; Preschoolers to School-Aged Children 

  • Adolescents and Youth

  • Emerging Adults (18 to 25 years) and Young adults (26-35)

  • Adult populations