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Virtual & In-Person Counselling Services in windsor, ontario

Supporting diverse individuals and families to achieve an elevated level of wellbeing. 


meet DR. riham al-saadi
PhD, msw, rsw


I have worked primarily with immigrant and refugee populations, supporting them in their settlement and integration, enhancing emotional coping with immigrant related stress. 

Experience with hospice and palliative care including coping with cancer diagnosis, End Of Life (EOL) stage, supporting both patients and families in working through the stage, End Of Life care, and grief support. 

Caregiver support: Working with family members in supporting their families with chronic family patients or end-of-life family patients (I gained this through hospice and palliative care)

Working with stress, anxiety, depression for all ages, it seems that primarily young adults/adults are the category. I also support youth with the same challenges - building good rapport with youth and young adults lately! 

Family therapy has become prominent in my work as well, I provide counselling and therapy support from a holistic approach; hence involving family dynamics, deconstructing these dynamics and supporting family members on how to enhance family cohesion and harmony. 

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